The route I have in mind is the following:

I start in my home town in The Netherlands, then I take the boot from Belgium to England. In England I first go to Lands End, to most westpoint of the mainland of England, then via Wales to Ireland, Dublin. Next stop is North Irleand. I will take the boot to England and ride to the northe point of Schotland Dunnet Head or John o' Groats. The way back through Scotland, Edinburgh, and England, London, to the Channel crossing to Belgium.

In Belgium via Brussel to Luxemburg and then to Paris. In Paris I take an espresso at the foot of the Eifel Tower ;-) Next stop is Spain, Madrid and in Portugal I want to stop in Cabo da Roca, this is the most westpoint of mainland Europe. near Gibraltar I want to visit Tarifa, this is the most south point of the mainland of Europe!

The way back to the north of Spain I want to visit Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona.
To cross the border from Spain via Andorra to France I want to find the most beautiful roads in the Pyrenee, to have the most scenic pictures you can imagine.

After Andorra it is time to go east. Via Marseille the roads leads me to Monaco. Then it is time to visit the Alps, first the Col de Restefond, self claimed 2860 meter high and then the Col de I'seran (2770 meter high). A short stop in Geneva and a long stop at my friends in Lausanne in the Swiss.

After the Swiss Alps my rides goes further to Liechtenstein and via Austria the ride goes to the Stelvio and Gavia passes to Italia. In the north of Italia a visit at the Ferrari museum is on my bucket list. Next should be a stop in Zagreb Croatia via Slovenia. 

The ride contiues to Bosnia and Servia to Kosovo and Macedoia, all former Yoegoslavia countries. Greece is stop offcourse and the I visit Sofia in Bulgaria.

According Top Gear the Transalpina road in Romania called the "Diamond of the Carpathian Mountains" is thé most beautiful road in Europe, so this should be in this trip!

Hongary is next, meeting new people and discover more places in Europe. the goal of this trip!

Via Slovakia I ride to Czech Republic to visit Praha. The east of Europe is next, Poland and Lithuania. But also Latvia and Estonia should lead to Finland. In the north of Europe I should make time to visit the North Cap in Norway.

Via the Atlantic Road in Norway my tour should go to Bergen Norway.The coast road in the south should take me to Oslo and then cross the border to Sweden. Because I did Sweden before my route is limited to the nessecary kilometers to bring me via Götenburg to Denmark.

The last part of this giant epic DiscoverMore2015 ride is via Bremen Germany to the Netherlands, back home.

An epic route of 23.333 kilometers and 300 hours of driving on the road !! 
A quick calculation learns that it is a total of 38 days driving, when I have 2 month for this tour it is a realistic trip. Yes I want to go