Ok it is a competition. Who is the best candidate for the job, to be the rider for the Harley-Davidson DiscoverMore2015 campaign? Now there is one answer: I the BEST man for the job.

At least the following places are on my short list:

  • Nortcap (Noordkaap)
  • Tarifa - most southern point of the mainland of Europa
  • Most west point – Cabo da Roca, Portugal
  • Try to find the most east point of Europe – 68°18'37?N 66°37'05?E, a top without name in the Oeralmountains at 545 meter above sea level
  • Corsica
  • Leopoldsburg Belgie Treffen
  • Atlantic Road, Norway.....again.
  • Transalpina road in Romania called the "Diamond of the Carpathian Mountains" (appr 2100 km)
  • North of Germany (combined with the 4 corners of Germany)
  • Moskou (in 2019 I did Saint Petersburg)
  • Stelvio en Gavia pass Italia (did it in 2015 and the Cavia in 2017 again)
  • San Marino (in 2017 during the Italian 500)
  • (Dunnet Head) John o' Groats naar Land's End (did those in 2018)
  • Andorra (did this early 2019)
  • D27 in France

The map of Europe and I placed the HD flag in all countries I visited with one of my Harley bikes.
So I still have a couple of countries left on my bucket list.
Recent, August 2015, I visit Roemenia, via Austria and Hungari. The ride back home was via Servia, Croatie, Slovenia and Italia. In the European chart I did not complete fill in Roemenia, because I visit only the west side of the country.

In 2016 I added Liechtenstein to this chart. And in 2017 Ireland (both North and South are added)
For 2018 Scotland was added and in 2019 I added Andorra and the south part of Italy.

Update for 2019: A visit to Andorra, with the boys to Isle of Man and with my daughter to the Baltic States and Russia.
Update for 2023: For the Ride2Eat in Athene also a visit to other Balkan countries.

On top of this list, I also visited with one of my bikes the small city-states: Vaticaan city, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Andorra.


 The map below is Europe with all places I visit. So all others had be in the DiscoverMore2015 ride.
So because I wasn't choosen for the ride, I will plan in the coming years my route to visit all these countries.

The route I have in mind is the following: