Ok it is a competition. Who is the best candidate for the job, to be the rider for the Harley-Davidson DiscoverMore2015 campaign? Now there is one answer: I the BEST man for the job.

And why do I think I am the best man. Now there are of course multiple answers possible. First there is Harley blood running through my veins. And secondly I live my Harley dream.

Every moment when it is possible I take one of my Harley-Davidson bikes for a spin, a trip in the neighbourhood, or a ride for a day in my home country the Netherlands. Or a long weekend with the group to Belgium, England or Germany. Also vacantions with my HOG Chapter to France, Czech Republic or Sweden.

Every year in April I go with a couple of guys to England. Last year we did with the 6 of us a tour to Wales, this was a 5 day ride where I planned the route, the channel crossing by boat and the bed and breakfast stays for the 6 of us. What a beautiful short holiday.
The year before we did a 3 day tour to Scotland and the Lake District in England. This was with 4 guys and we did not plan the hotels, only the boat to and from England and the route. What a fun and joy we had.
And in 2012 we did a festival is Essex, sleeping in a tent and the comping side, party in the evening and discovering the Essex county. The fun of this all is meeting new people, enjoy the beautiful scenery and riding our Harley bikes.

For the summer vacation I usually go with my youngest daughter on motorcycle vacation. Last year we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Denmark and Sweden, lovely roads, absolute fantastic people. Nothing planned, only the big lines on the road and the Garmin navigation leading our way over the winding roads.

I am an enthousiastic member of our HOG Chapter in Alkmaar, doing a lot of rides as a trained and certified Road Captain and guiding the group on our Sunday trips, but also traveling abroad to Czech Republic, France Alps, France west coast, Germany and Belgium. Going to the HOG Benelux festival in Luxemburg and visit other festivals in the Netherlands.

In 2013 I did my epic ride to Rome for the #110 anniversary festival of Harley-Davidson. My ride was a 3500 kilometer trip from home to Rome, via the highest (posible) passes in the Alps. Because my ride was to early in the season a lot of the passes where closed so the highest pass I did was 2100 meter. A complete solo ride, where I was one with the environment, one with my Road King, the king of the road.
And of course in Rome, arived after 6 days, I enjoyed every moment of the party on the beach in Ostia near Rome.

Last year Faak am See was my destination to end the interantional riding season. I did the trip to Austria with a mate of my, both on our Harley's of course and we did not only party at Faak but also made several trips to Italia, Slovenia and in Austria itself. On our ride back home we visit the Grossclockner. In one word beautiful!


And for this year 2015:

- In April England, Essex again Bum in the Mud, a long weekend with a lot of English biker friends

- In May visit the HOG Festifal in Grimaud St Tropez

- And in August a long weekend Germany with the HOG Chapter

- September of course Faak am See (I rented a complete hotel for all my friends)

- And in October I planned a 500 km tour with the HOG Amsterdam chapter to Antwerp Belgium

So a lot of planned trips in the agenda, but also a lot of spaces to fill in for other rides, tours and trips. But for DiscoverMore2015 I will empty the agenda in the months May, June, July, August and September. And I hop that I have the ability to visit St Tropez and Faak am See as the Ambassador of Harley-Davidson.