This years motortrip with my daughter Iloe is planned for the last week of July and the first week of August and we are going to the Baltic states and Russia.


So all preparations are done. The route is in big-lines planned. Most of the hotels or B&Bs are booked. And the visa for Russia is done!

The route we are going to do is shown below.

We begin with the north route via Germany to Poland, with a second stop near Gdansk. Then we follow the route to the Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After our visit to Tallinn we travel to Russia to do a complete day in St Petersburg. In our way to Belarus we do an overnight in Russia. After Belarus we trafel or direct to Poland or first do Czech and then trafel through Poland back home.

 For our Russia visa I needed a invitation of our Russia Hotel. Left you see an concept request. I did all paperwork myself with no hazzels.

It will be another epic ride for both of us, to unknown countries and meet new people.

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de Harley rijder